A Repository of Genes Retained from Whole Genome Duplications in the Vertebrate Genomes

OHNOLOGS version 2.0 is now live with more genomes and more genome duplications!

OHNOLOGS is the database for the genes retained from Whole Genome Duplication in 27 vertebrate genomes. Ohnologs are gene duplicates originating from whole genome duplication (WGD). The name ohnolog has been coined after Susumu Ohno (1928-2000), who first proposed the two rounds of WGDs in the genome of vertebrate ancestor. Here you can download and explore ohnolog pairs and families in several vertebrate genomes computed with pre-defined or user-defined confidence levels (q-scores). These ohnolog pairs and families have been constructed using a quantitative multiple-genome comparative approach, we had previously developed (Singh et al., PLOS Comp. Biol. 2015). The new revised version includes 27 vertebrates with ohnologs from 2R-WGD and 4 fish with ohnologs from 3R-WGD.

Species in OHNOLOGS v2 for the two rounds of Whole Genome Duplications in the ancestor of all verterates (2R WGD)